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About DataScriber Systems

Who are We

DataScriber Systems is a software development consulting firm that has been developing custom software solutions for various smaller companies, plus larger corporations (including IBM, Microsoft, and GE), since 1994.

What is our Mission

The company's mission is to develop scalable Web and Windows based solutions, utilizing the latest Microsoft .Net development tools and platforms. Our current offering consists of four innovative solutions available by subscription from this web site, or by custom licensing on your private network. In addition, we offer custom software development and consulting services for any project, large or small.

To Learn More

Please review the summary of our Information Management Products by clicking on the buttons of interest at left.

If You are Interested

Please contact us, and a representative will get back with you to discuss your needs and requirements.

Our Bottom Line

When you buy software at the store, it works the way its developer wanted it to. When you buy software from DataScriber, it works the way you want it to. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and all work is guaranteed.
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